Why Choose 
 African Legend beer ?

It is a beer of character and ambition at the image of the African youth.
It's the urban beer that invites the consumer to share the values
of the man in the midst of his social ascension.


Millions of African men and women are increasingly working to realize their dreams. They are devising projects adapted to local markets. They are veritable nuggets operating under the radar. These entrepreneurs are agents of change. They take risks that could, one day, generate jobs and break down stereotypes. It is from this reality that the desire to pay tribute to this generation of a thousand wills is born!

One objective: Sharing and living VALUES...

African Legend offers consumers the opportunity to share and live the values of man in the midst of his social rise. It is a beer of character that reflects the ambition of this tireless youth. It is a product which nourishes the will to gather its consumers thanks to the strong image it conveys and with which they can identify. African Legend has a strong identity, that of Africa on the move, on the road to emergence.

Célébrez tous les jours !!

Votre force et votre courage font de vous des Légendes. Célébrez tous les jour la journée internationale de la femme avec African Legend!

Vous êtes un acteur de
l’Afrique d’aujourd’hui. 

Devenez votre propre légende !

Architecte, ingénieur, commerçante, etc.… Ce sont des artisans de l’ #Afrique qui change. Comme eux, ayez de grandes ambitions pour votre continent. Devenez une #légendeafricaine.