African Legend 9°

A strong beer for
strong people...

It is a Dutch low fermentation lager with an alcohol content of 9°. It has a brilliant blonde-orange colour, ending with a white and airy foamy neck. On the palate, one is surprised by the sweetness of the apple aromas with a few spicy notes and a hint of bitterness. 

To taste in can of 50 cL.


Would you like to rediscover the pleasure of cold beer in your own home?
We tell you all here about this golden colored beverage... 

Between 2 and 3°.

To appreciate all the flavours of your #AfricanLegend #AfricanLegendjust serve it chilled between 2 and 3 degrees and, above all, in a clean glass that you tilt to keep a nice #foam! Think about it! #mousse ! Pensez-y !

The foam 

The foam of the #beer keeps all the aromas and also protects against oxidation! Remember this when you serve your next #AfricanLegend !

Blond, dark, red ale....

Do you know why there are so many shades of color? It's the type of #malt used and its degree of roasting that allows this wide palette. And you, how would you describe your #AfricanLegend ?

Our tips to enjoy your African Legend:

1. Air your #beer by swirling it in the glass and smell the odours coming out.

Take a sip, identifying the first impression, circulate in the mouth to feel the #flavours.

3. Then swallow and see if there's any persistence.  This is called the final. You are now almost a #tasting pro.Tell us the #aromas you liked !

Enjoy the tasting!

The maize-based composition of #maïs our African Legend beer #AfricanLegend allows it to be enjoyed with your favourite dishes: fried chicken, braised fish, allocos... As you wish, the combination of flavours will be a delight! Enjoy your meal ! 


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