Originality of your beer African Legend

Since 2014, more and more of you are appreciating the authenticity of our beer. One of the values that makes the identity of African Legend!







Marketing support

The team offers the opportunity to participate in the emergence of local talent through the organization of events and/or economic support for young entrepreneurs.

Commitment to local projects

Following an in-depth study of its consumers, the African Legend team has devised a promotional plan adapted to your country: derivative products, point-of-sale animation, launch budget, targeted digital campaign etc...


Notre principal challenge a été de trouver l’équilibre parfait entre les saveurs. 

Pour le découvrir, buvez une BEER African Legend fresh and enjoy!


Your will to develop Africa is our optimism unite us.
African Legend tire ses racines des légendes pour honorer l’ambition de la jeunesse africaine

Relish every single moment of life with African Legend

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health.
Drink responsibly.